The HAT Economic Model

Be a HAT Issuer or Merchant

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HAT merchants

HAT Merchants are organisations that acquire or inquire HAT data for their application or website, either to give recommendations, personalise their offering or just use HAT Personal Data Accounts as their user accounts. HAT Merchants get the benefit of a direct relationship with their customers, with the same functionality of user accounts stored on their servers, but without having to pay for storage costs. By enabling storage of their website/app user profile and activities on the user side, the data they ask for is always relevant and up to date. HAT Merchants pay for data transactions (API calls) whenever they acquire or inquire data from HAT owners.


HAT issuers are organisations that use HATDeX platform to issue HAT Microservers as a “personal data account” to their customers and profit from data transactions when the HATs they issue transact with HAT Merchants. Issuers are usually large organisations within a particular sector that have a large customer base and want to benefit from the data they hold of their customers by enabling their own customers to re-use and re-share their data. HAT Issuers can also be corporations with a large merchant/agent network.

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