Be a HAT ISSUER or VEndor: give your users a hat and ask them directly for their data



HAT vendors are organisations that vend a HAT Microserver (i.e. point to a link where a HAT Microserver can be acquired by their customers). These HATs are issued by HAT Data Exchange Ltd or other HAT Issuers. In vending HATs, HAT vendors do not bear the cost of hosting a HAT Microserver. However, they pay for data exchange transactions whenever they acquire data from HAT owners.

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HAT issuers are organisations that use HATDeX technology to issue a HAT Microserver to their customers or to their clientsโ€™ customers, usually integrating the issuance of HATs with their services. Normally, HAT Issuers bear the full costs of hosting HAT Microservers in return for shared gains arising from data exchanged from the HAT Microservers issued by them.

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