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Own your own personal data


The Internet is broken. The advertising is terrible, CEO's keep selling off our democracies. We kid, but in reality there's a lot that's broken about the Internet that we use today, and the problems mostly revolve around what we call "personal data."

What is personal data?

Everything on the Internet that is personal to you is your data: words, photos, music, locations, financial transactions - everything. You generate this data when you fill out forms, create user accounts, interact on apps, or use social media or e-commerce websites.

Ownership and control

Today the companies that give us websites, mobile applications, bank accounts, and more, store and protect our personal data for us. We think the Internet would be a better place if we changed that, and started storing and protecting our personal data for ourselves because we can reuse and re-share this data whenever we wish, giving us greater influence on the Internet.

The HAT ecosystem is the first to fully resolve the technical, legal and commercial barriers in the ownership and transfer of personal data between individuals and organisations.

The HAT Microserver

The HAT microserver is a new technology that confers intellectual property rights of personal data to individuals through their ownership of a database, wrapped with containerised microservices. The HAT microserver is fully portable across devices, but is commonly hosted in the cloud. It is provisioned by a trust anchor and by way of its legal, economic and technology architecture, the personal data within can be legally owned, controlled and processed by individuals. Individuals can install plugs to bring their data in from the Internet, exchange data with applications through data debits and install tools in their microservers to have private AI for insights into their data, their health, their history and their memories. The HAT is fully open sourced but services in the HAT ecosystem are built by commercial as well as non-profit organisations.

HAT Data exchange technology

The HATDeX technology enable organisations buy bulk HATs to issue HATs-as-a-Service to their own customers so that organisations’ own customers can share it back with organisations on their websites and applications. Alternatively, organisations can vend (give their customers a link to get a HAT) and only pay transaction fees on data exchange. Scalable, open source data transfer/exchange platform for personal data between individuals and organisations.

Learn More about the HAT

The HAT is already references globally as a best in class solution in the emerging personal data exchange market. The HAT Ecosystem is made up of a number of organisations who are working together to change the Internet. Learn more about the many organisations that are all a part of the HAT.

Learn more about how the HAT works with this slide show

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