the HAT Ecosystem ENablers work together with hat partners to
change the internet


HAT Community Foundation

The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is a non-profit organisation promoting the use of HAT Microservers by individuals, startups, corporations, universities and government. It is the data conduct regulator of the HAT technology platform and represent the community of HAT owners and HAT partners. Learn more at www.hatcommunity.org.

The HAT Community Foundation also manages 2 of the ecosystem enablers:


HATLAB is the knowledge hub and the home of research, education and policy for the HAT ecosystem. HATLAB is the innovation space for new HAT R&D projects. It is home to more than £6m worth of national and regional government funding across 8 universities. Learn more at www.hat-lab.org.


The HAT Accelerator

The HAT Accelerator is a start-up and scale-up accelerator programme, helping entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world create a business around HATs, or integrate their offerings with HATs so that they can increase their capability in data and create benefits for individuals, firms and society. Learn more at www.hataccelerator.org.


Dataswift (formerly HAT Data Exchange Ltd) built on the open-sourced HAT Microserver technology to create the HATDeX platform, enabling HAT Partners to issue HATs, and HAT merchants to receive and give data to HAT owners. Dataswift implements the HAT Trust framework, and operate the legal, economic and technology infrastructure. Learn more at dataswift.io